Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Loose Itinerary

The more I look at flights to different cities where I could potentially start this trek the more I feel like I should blindfold myself and point at a map.  I mean, I am so accustomed to routine and schedules and the like that I feel like mapping out an entire trip on paper is the exact opposite of what I really want.

I want freedom.

I want to wake up and say where am I going today and be ok with it.  The not knowing.  If I wrap myself up in the where and when and how I don't think I'll reach my goals.  I want exploration, not some played out tour bus style review of an entire continent where I can sit in the backseat with headphones on and think to myself how ironic it is that whatever song thats playing seems to roll through its melodies like the landscapes that are passing me by.  Fuck that, I AM the bus.  And I'll drive it off the goddamn road if I want to.  Give me an old german motorcycle and a couple liters of petrol and hopefully a country where they drive on the same side of the road (FYI 72% of the worlds countries are right hand drivers).  
I want to ride in the back of a lorrie filled with chickens between unheard of villages across plains traveled most widely by cattle.  No Fromers.  No Rick Steves.  Matt Rose.

I spoke with someone today about blogs and blogging and how most people just sit at their desk and blog about their stupid lives or what they had to eat the night before thats now aggravating their aging decrepit bowel system.  Not to say I won't talk about any epic shits I give a nice water birth to, but I'm hoping that in the end this can be something fun to read, intellectually stimulating (roll of the dice), and important in the sense that its a literary and pictorial depiction of our world around us.  

Kind of grand goals but hey its a work in progress, I haven't even left the country yet.

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